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Founded in 1991 as a privately owned company, CHIMTITAN became one of the best known producer of film-forming materials (lacquers, paints, varnishes, top-coats, primers, sealants, adhesives, solvents) in Romania.

In order to ensure a high quality of delivered products, the Quality Management Environment Integrated Management System is implemented within the company according to ISO 9001: 2004 and ISO 14001: 2008, certified by TÜV CERT of TÜV Thüringen.

The products manufactured by CHIMTITAN, resulting from the company's own research, cover all areas of activity, from emulsion paints, plasters and water dispersion adhesives for civil and industrial constructions, primers, varnishes, enamels and adhesives for furniture industry up to products and special protection systems for metal constructions and constructions, machine building industry, hydraulic engineering, chemical and food industry, petrochemical, aerospace, shipbuilding.

In most cases the performance of CHIMTITAN products has been attest by certificates, approvals and endorsements issued by accredited institutions such as: INCERC Bucharest (National Institute of Research and Development in Construction and Economics of Constructions), ICECON Bucharest (Research Institute for Equipment and Technologies in Construction), Central Laboratory Bucharest, INCERTRANS Bucharest (Transport Research Institute), IBA Bucharest (National Institute for Research and Development for Food Bioresources), C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica Bucharest, Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen BAST Germany (Federal Institute for Highways and Roads), MLPTL (Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing), Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds, CTPC (Standing Technical Council in Construction), AFER (Romanian Railway Authority), Ministry of Health - Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Military Firefighters Command, PSI Studies and Experimental Center, INL (National Wood Institute), for some of these tests were carried out in specialized laboratories in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Starting in 1991 from widely used (alkyd) products, CHIMTITAN's product range has diversified from year to year. The research carried out in its own laboratories, equipped with the latest machinery, equipment and experiments carried out under various operating conditions, led to the approval of new types of products with decorative and anticorrosive protection, with temperature resistant, resistant to various aggressive agents, thus covering the unexplored market sectors in Romania.

Since 1991 CHIMTITAN has continuously developed its product portfolio, offering its clients a wide range of decorative and anti-corrosion protection systems: nitrocombined, epoxy, high solids epoxy, epoxyester, acrylic, high solids acrylo-polyurethane, polyurethane, alkyd, alkyd-melamine, alkyd-urea, acrylated alkyd, chlorinated rubber, ethyl silicate, silicone, insulating, conductive and semiconductor products, washable paints, decorative plasters, adhesives.

A large part of CHIMTITAN products are aimed at industrial consumers, covering all fealds of activity in this area (furniture industry, machine building industry, hydrotechnics, petrochemical industry, aviation industry, naval industry, civil and industrial construction), but to the same extent, in order to meet the requirements of the market, CHIMTITAN also focused on consumer products.

The professional protection systems offered on the market under the brand CHIMTITAN and the professional decorative products offered on the market under the TUCAN brand have been imposed due to the performances and the high quality. CHIMTITAN manufactures very competitive products, paying great attention to all phases of the production process, starting with choosing the best quality raw materials from the most reputable suppliers in the country and abroad, continuing with the latest generation of modern technology and equipment and ending with the final testing of the delivered products, their certification and approval by accredited institutions, which led to its maintenance, since 1992, in the top of the medium sized companies.

The superior training of CHIMTITAN specialists, with a high level of expertise and professional experience, the seriousness and promptness with which the consultancy and technical assistance services are provided, have led to CHIMTITAN winning and maintaining an important market share.

CHIMTITAN's policy provides for long-term investments to increase production capabilities with high-tech equipment, environmental protection and continuous quality improvement.